Примерный план построения спонтанного монологического высказывания для 7 класса

I’d like to describe picture number…
The picture shows us a boy/a girl/a man/a woman/a building/a room/a park.
I think he/she is about…
It is old/new/ old-fashioned/famous.
The picture was taken in the park/in the forest/in the school yard/ in the country/in the library/at the stadium/in the laboratory/at the railway station/near the river/in the mountains/on the beach last autumn/ winter/spring/summer.
In the middle of the picture you can see a J Ving something.
Near him/her/it you can see {{{.
In the background there is/are… .
In the foreground you can see… .
The J in the picture is wearing … .
As you can see the J is rather tall/short/fat/slim.
He/she has fair hair/ dark hair/long hair/ and …. eyes.
The J looks happy/unhappy/sad/funny/bored/ tired/ pleased/excited/serious.
To tell the truth, I like this picture because
- I like playing/skating.
-I have always wanted to .
-summer/autumn/winter/spring is my favorite season.
It reminds me of my visit to… .
The atmosphere in the picture is calm/friendly/exciting/tiring.
I think the scene is very attractive.
In conclusion I would like to say ….